I wanted to take a moment to share with you the single biggest component in the success I had with awakening to what I really am.

In a word -


When it comes to finding our what you really are, intention is the key to the door.  Keep your intention alive and fresh and it will take you home.

Hone your intention, have a specific goal and do not let that intention alter.  Use that sharp attention as a measure for everything (I mean Everything!) you are told on your journey to that goal.

Keep your intention flexible and alive.  Don't let it get dried, stiff and brittle.  Stay on target, but realize your path may vary.

At some point you will hear the message, the same message we have been given for thousands of years, and it will click with your intention. At that point, the end is certain.

However, you cannot lose your intention at that point.  Keep it close and strong.  The only thing that will have changed is that your path, and method will be set and your intention will now resolve the matter for you.

This has been my experience.  I hope it helps.


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  1. Peter
    5 years ago

    Thanks Travis,

    I,m really enjoying your site!

    I,m following the Douglas Harding route and really getting there!

    Kindest regards,


  2. Brenda
    5 years ago

    Hi Travis

    I really enjoyed your report on the 7 Barriers. They make a lot of sense. I'm at the stage where I definitely know who I am not but still struggling to find who I am and let go of my ego self. I watched your video (mentioned above) with interest but wonder if you have any more pointers … or is that all I need?

    Love your website too and enjoyed the interviews. Hope you make some more.

    Kind regards


  3. Stephanie Goddard
    5 years ago

    Keep those tips coming!