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You Don't Have To Give Up Anything | The Truth Is You

You Don’t Have To Give Up Anything


In order to come to know, truly, what you are, there is nothing you have to give up.

This follows up on my last post about the distinction between "how to be" and "what you are."

When working on "how to be" you may get to points where you do, indeed, have to give something up. Perhaps an old habit. Perhaps a living situation. Perhaps a relationship. Perhaps attachment to a thing. Perhaps a job.

People can have trepidation when working on a spiritual, or awakening path. They can get worried about what they might lose if the move forward. They might be scared of how they might show up in the world. Seekers often grapple with these issue. "What will me family think?" "Will my friends still wans to be friends?" "Will my partner still respect me?"

These are all valid concerns. When you change "how to be" there will probably be changes in your life. Those changes won't always be positive. Growth usually involves growing pains.

Not so when it comes to "what you are." For, obviously, what you are is what you are already. And, you can't leave behind what you are. To riff on an old adage, "No matter where you go, you are you." As far as "what you are" is concerned, no change can happen. "What you are" is beyond all the shifts that occur in life. You can always stand on what you are, because that's what you have always been. You are always already you.

In order to explore "what you are" you do not need to give anything up, acquire anything, or alter the way you show up in life. All you need to is take a look. Move your attention directly to you, and see what shows up. All that you will "see" is what has always been there: You.

The ups and downs of life, the comings and goings, the gains and losses, the trials and tribulations all happen for you. The occur in your attention and awareness. They don't happen to you, in the sense that no matter what happens, you are you all along.

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