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Video Series: What is the method? | The Truth Is You

Video Series: What is the method?


Another installment in the "What is awakening?" video series.

In this one I go over

  • What awakening is (and is not)
  • Why you should want to awaken
  • How to do it, the action you can take to awaken

What I am trying to do on this site, is get as clear as possible on this message.  Please ask any questions, give any feedback, or share any thoughts in the comments below.


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  1. Poppy
    7 years ago

    Hi Travis,
    Very well ordered, concise guide… well done.
    With me it's the usual thing… what am I actually looking at? There's so many parts of me that I'm never sure which part of me is real and which, a lie. As soon as I 'look' I can see so many components.
    Best wishes from Poppy

    • Travis
      7 years ago

      Thanks, Poppy!

      I am glad it came across clear. That is my personal goal, to find ways to get this message across as cleanly as possible.

      The trick for me, has been to carefully put aside any "thing" I encounter while looking at me. If I can "see" it, then it's not me, I am the one seeing it. There is danger here in getting caught in an infinite regress, but I find that happens more for me if I am making stuff up as I go along. The brain seems to do that to keep itself occupied.

      As John Sherman says, you are inward. Everything else, everything, is outward. Look inward, and you look at you.