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Video Series: What is the difference between pain & suffering? | The Truth Is You

Video Series: What is the difference between pain & suffering?

More video fun in the "What is Awakening?" series.

My favorite adage: "Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional."

Life has it's ups and down, and part of the survival mechanism we come with is an aversion to damage and conditions which impact the continuing of life.  That's pain and it's inevitable.

Suffering is living in fear of some predicted pain, or in anguish over the memory of some past pain.  In themselves those actions are not bad.  It's a good thing to know that fire hurts from a past experience, and to avoid putting your hand in flames again.  What is not good is to walk through life refusing to participate in an event, or enter a locale, until you have been absolutely assured that there is no fire there.

Watching out for your own health is good.  Obsessing over everything you touch, or consume is bad.

You get the idea.

How has relating to pain colored you life?  How has it interfered with your engaging with life?  I'd love to hear about what you have learned.


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