Thoughts on The 7 Barriers

Hey there!

I had a request to have somewhere to put comments on the 7 Barriers to Awakening report on the site.

So, here it is! (I'll also put a link to this post in the blog page nav-bar for easy finding later.)

Please let me know any thoughts, comments, suggestions or question you have below.



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  1. summer
    5 years ago

    Hi Travis,
    Great article. What you say here is so true "What the awakened ones have said about your true nature is a matter of what you are. Almost immediately, what you are gets submerged in a pile of how to be."

    Knowing our true nature is what sets us free. And much of the seeking stage gets filled up trying all sorts of new methods of being. It is very similar to any self help program. Endlessly refining behavior, and "improving" ourselves, which will never set us free, no matter how "perfect" we become.

  2. Travis
    5 years ago

    Agreed! I would only add that refining our behavior may set us free of unrefined behavior, but it will not set us free of the lie about what we really are.

    Thanks for taking the time to comment!


  3. seeker
    5 years ago

    Golden thread of truth runs throughout.

  4. Juan
    5 years ago

    Nice to know about 7 Barriers, interesting point, but how to know who you are????

  5. Peter
    5 years ago

    Hello Travis,_I enjoyed your Barriers, and essentially I agree. I'm coming out of Zen (and I mean Out) after some 30 years and many sesshin. Advaita has been very meaningful for me (now, at this late stage, whatever that may imply).
    I would simply take exception to your No. 5 where you state/ ask the question, "are you human?"
    The / my answer is No. (You did conclude this with a wink, so perhaps I am slow on the uptake) ….
    Thank you.

  6. Arthur
    5 years ago

    Well Peter is so near isn't he? "A picture equals a thousand words" and that wink at the bottom of page 5 was it, says it all to me. have corresponded with Richard Lang and spent many happy visits with our common mentor Douglas Harding. Ask yourself Peter Where have you been all your life? and ask When were you thee? Surely your answer is my answer "Here" and "Now" or to paraphrase the Bible I think Jesus said "I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end." I put a comma after the first two words so it becomes "I am, and that's all there is to it," I hope this helps, if not ignore it and certainly don't let it confuse you.

  7. Peter
    5 years ago

    Travis: "You can't say it's A, you can't say it's B, and you can't say it's both, or neither. ;)"
    How does the Heart Sutra put it? 😉
    Great questions Arthur!
    Many thanks to you both.

  8. Lucyliz
    5 years ago

    I really enjoyed reading this, Travis. I liked the directness and simplicity of the message. It was easy to read and also very impactful. Ta very much!

  9. denis
    4 years ago

    hello Travis, I read with a lot of pleasure your text about the seven barriers. It's really great to read the simplicity of what to be instead of the confusion about how to do in order to, finaly, be nobody. For many years now, I meet a lot of advaIta teachers, including last Sand symposium in Netherland, or many satsangs in Tiruvanamalai, or in other places. Meeting so many great guys (and others maybe not so honnest) encrease the confusion that there is something to do to get back in a state where I am already. Maybe just stay where I am, do nothing, just being opening all my senses, just experiencing, sometimes it's yet tremendously enough ! Thank you once again for your contribution.

  10. Ton Haarmans
    3 years ago

    Thanks for sending me the 7 barriers. Fortunately I was aware of them already but it is always good to see this confirmed! I guess for me it's just a matter of spending time being with the truth of what I am… However there is still somewhere this expectation or hope or want that a 'final revelation' needs to happen or will happen. It just can't be that This is really it. That's too simple. That's not ENLIGHTENMENT. But also that is slowly fading away…

  11. Ryan Swain
    3 years ago

    Very clear and concise….not easy to do on this topic! Well done! I gained a new perspective and more insight. You have a surgical ability to cut through the fluff….. awesome.