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The Book | The Truth Is You

The Book

A book about a simple action that resolved a life long question about what I really am.

It All Started with a Question...

Hi! My name is Travis Eneix, and as you can see from the video above, I've been at the seeking game for quite some time.

Now that I have a firm action to take, I've been able to resolve the questions and confusion that led me to take up the spiritual quest. I now get to live in direct encounter with life, with a radical reduction in the fear that believing the lies I had been told about me caused.

It's my firm conviction that this simple idea can help anyone dissolve any false ideas about who they are, so that they can live life immediately and directly.That's why I wrote this book.

I can imagine a world where people showed up to life from who they really are, without any false fear weighing them down. I am sure you can too! In my opinion, such a world is worth going for. I hope that you will agree, and together we can make a big push towards such a world.

What Does This Mean For You?

As I mention in the video it's my opinion there is a group of people with whom I can connect and help. If you have caught the 'seeking' bug and you want a simple action to take to resolve that seeking, then this just might be the book for you.

Even if we don't click, I still think the book will be of great benefit with the distinctions and practices that have come out of my working with people over the years. I'm certain there are useful seeds in this book for every seeker out there.

You can take what you like, and leave the rest.

Is This a Self Help Book?

In a word, no. This is not a book about how to do things better. It's a book about showing up to do things from where you actually are, as you, immediately and directly.

I make a distinction between the "how to be" realm of concern, and the "what you are" realm of concern. This book is about the "what you are" realm. The vast majority of self help books are concerned with "how to be."

Not that there's anything wrong with attending to "how to be"! Far from it! I like working on that realm of my life. It's just that this book isn't about that.

The idea here is that you can do this looking for yourself. Since you are a unique being, how that shows up is going to be unique to you. If anything, my experience has shown me that this dissolving of the mistaken identity brings out more of your unique nature as you step into your own place in life, and find your own special and unique way to be.

Help Me Get the Word Out

In my life, the simple action that is the core of the book, has helped me in a great many ways. As I mentioned above, clearing out the misinformation about what we are lets us live in direct exchange with life, while freeing us from a great deal of the fear of life we carry along (and often all of it.) Living life as what we really are, and without any unnecessary fear simply rocks!

I sincerely believe that the simple message of this book, the simple message I received, will let anyone do precisely that: live as what they truly are without fear.

This book is one way I can get that message out there, and I think it's an important one. I hope you can see the value too!

Get the book now!