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The Treasure of the Unique | The Truth Is You

The Treasure of the Unique

Buddha Cat

After spending some time looking at you, one of the things that stands forward loudly (to me at least) is the utterly unique nature of your perspective and situation. Only you are the unique expression of reality that you are, and only you can see and experience reality from your vantage point, colored and filtered by your own story and context. This is your reality-tunnel.

We all are unique in that there is only one of each of us, and no two reality-tunnels are the same.

This is why someone else telling you what you are is never effective. In order to come to terms with what you are, you have to see it for yourself. Once you begin to look, the lies and misinformation about you that have been absorbed over the years erode and finally vanish. As they dissolve, your unique nature shines through more and more.

The interesting thing though is that this uniqueness "goes both ways." It's not just you that's unique, it's everything. As the sages of old have said, "There are not two, of any thing, to be found any where." All the arising forms of reality share this characteristic. As far as I can tell uniqueness is one of the basic characteristics of reality itself, and all things that reality appears as partake of that unique being.

So, it's been my experience that seeing through to the true uniqueness of you is not the end of the journey. There is always further to go, and one way this path continues is in coming to terms with the unique nature of all things.

One of the things we do, when functioning through our belief in separation and false identity, is we get run (more often than not) by our scripting. The filters and belief systems we are implanted with. They color everything that comes through to us. That is still true, even after we have dissolved the false ideas about what we are, but before then we are nearly completely locked in by this programming.

As long as we see ourselves as separate things, cut off from the rest of reality, we see the other things we encounter in the same light. Just as we color and interpret the signals we receive through our reality-tunnels, we also project our concepts and ideas onto the things, and people we encounter.

In the same way that we cover up our own uniqueness, we cover up theirs. We mute their light and beauty. We reshape them with our own impressions, and ascribe to them our own motivations.

Once we see through to our own uniqueness we can open up to the uniqueness of everything else. (Mind you, I am not convinced it always goes in this order, but it has in mine, so that's what I have to work with.) The world then becomes an ever fresh treasure house of the new and possible. We don't have to hold people to our mental patterns about them. We don't have to re-shape them into foils for our mental games, or guilts. We can let them stand alone. In each person we encounter we get a fresh vision of reality and it's expressions.

It's said that when the Buddha got up from under the Bodhi tree, having attained enlightenment, one of the first things he remarked on was how he now saw that he already lived in the heavenly realms because everyone was already an enlightened being, just as they were.

I am not comparing my insight to the Buddha's, but I am willing to bet he'd agree that we are all (myself included) as unique as he was. 😉

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  1. david christopher
    5 years ago

    i hope this year i come to realize that everyone is an enlightened being. i am so not there yet.

    • Travis
      5 years ago

      I find it helps to remind myself, a LOT, David. Plus, a little acting "as if" it were so goes a long way when doubt peeks in.