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Seeing With Both I's | The Truth Is You

Seeing With Both I’s

"What a relief to be backed by the One whose name is I AM, the name that precedes and introduces every other name. What a relief to merge into and be upheld by the Unlimited." (Douglas Harding. The Trial of the Man who said he was God.)

As I've brought up before, it seems to me that we live in two realms simultaneously.  The "how to be" realm and the "what you are" realm.  It also seems to me that it's possible to see the world through both of those lenses.

Of course, when we first are born, the "how to be" realm is of much more immediate necessity as we grapple with the sudden immensity, danger, and weirdness of being at all.  We withdraw from the tumult of uncategorized stimuli which assails us, and (metaphorically and factually) we close our eyes.  Life demands that we pay attention though, in order to survive, and the most apparent place we need to pay attention to is, "how to be."

So, we focus on using that "eye" to deal with the world.  Our culture, developed under the pressure of needing that "eye" to survive, encourages us, and trains us, to use the "how to be" "eye" nearly exclusively.

I'd love to know what you think of the metaphor, and if you find it useful.  Please give me a shout in the comments below.  Thanks!

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  1. r cass
    6 years ago

    when i was 5 yrs old my dad and i were looking at the sun …he said son look at the sun it is in the center of our galaxy,,,,i looked at the sun then i said to my dad as i spun around in a circle no no dad i'm the center of the galaxy….

    • Travis
      6 years ago

      r cass,

      That is awesome! From the mouths of babes, indeed!