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Of Ice Cubes And Awakening | The Truth Is You

Of Ice Cubes And Awakening

Awakening changes the reference point you use to show up in the world and tell you story.

While awakening has nothing to do with the "how to be" realm, it is natural that there could be shifts in how you move through that realm once you dissolve the  false foundational belief about what you are and live from simply being what you are.

Along the way as you are breaking up and dissolving the lie at the foundation of what and how you hold yourself to be and the subsequent story you tell, you will very likely have some insights.  These will both be about "how to be" and "what you are."

These "ah-hah!" moments have the characteristic of liquifying your story.  They reveal that you are not necessarily what you have held yourself to be.  They melt the story of you, allowing it to flow into new shapes and possibilities.

I think of water and ice.  In order for water to have solid form it must be either held in a container, or frozen into ice.  From my experience we usually go the ice route once we buy into the lie of the separate self.  We erect a boundary around that self and build up stories, beliefs and habits that reinforce that boundary.

Having an insight, or "ah-hah!" moment warms the ice to one extent or another.  Our beliefs, views and even our story can become liquified by them, allowing us to flow into new shapes, exploring freely different ways to show up in the world and move in the "how to be" space.

In order to function safely and sanely in a world of fellow story tellers we tend to need firm forms for our stories, again to one extent or another.  So, our stories and beliefs and habits get set back into a more solid shape.

We can do that by letting our ways of being get frozen into a shape again, or we can develop a set of beliefs and habits that hold our story in place.  We can then enjoy moving through life until the next insight shows up.

What has your experience been with the process of having an insight impact how you show up in the world?  I'd love to hear your stories in the comment section below.


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  1. biisuto
    7 years ago

    hi travis, great analogy! i've started to notice an interesting phenomenon around that notion that things are thawing…a feeling of dissidentification and bemusement with what the world tries to tell you you are. i've noticed it more lately, that this is something we do to each other, a kind of mutual reinforcement of the external edifices we build and proffer to the world. the sensation i get is a kind 'why bother?' it seems such a futile, aggregating activity…like an attempt to contain a movie into one single, frozen frame…or something… 🙂

  2. Travis
    7 years ago

    Like you analogy, Biisuto! Something like that has been coming up for me lately as well. Kind of like the mind saying, "Okay, THIS is it, got it. No, wait, hmmm, THIS is it. No, shoot, THIS is it…."