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Looking is Not Thinking About Looking | The Truth Is You

Looking is Not Thinking About Looking


When people are presented with the question, "who are you?" they usually think of some answer. They use their brains to come up with some contextual statement. These usually fall into the categories of what they do for a living, or what they've done in their lives, or what genetic makeup they were born with, or how they are feeling. When people draw up short with these answers (since they are not really an answer to "who are you?", but are more an answer to "what do you do", or "what are your circumstances?") they usually do more of the same. They try and think their way to a concrete answer to the question.

The act of looking directly at you is not about that. It's not about coming up with answers. The purpose of the looking is to look. Just that. The trouble is that when the pointer comes in the form of a question, such as "what are you?" the brain tries to answer. We try to answer. After all, it's only polite.

What you are cannot be put into words. That's okay. The point of the looking is not to then be able to answer the question, "who are you?" The point of the looking is to look. That alone will expose you to the truth of you, and can't help but disprove, and dissolve the lies learned about you.

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