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Looking at Yourself is Not an Escape From Your Life | The Truth Is You

Looking at Yourself is Not an Escape From Your Life

Not an Escape

There are many good reasons to look at yourself and expose yourself to what you really are to lose the lie about you.

Changing life is not one of them. What the lie about you does is keep you in fear about life. Under it's influence you see life as a perpetual threat. The ultimate dangerous other.

The looking does not change the nature of life so that it's not scary. It just removes the pretend barrier between you and life. You can then actually engage fully with life. Life will still have it's ups and downs, there will still be challenges. None of that changes. The only thing that alters is the stance you take towards life.

The thing the looking addresses is the false stories about you. So, if you engage in it to make alterations in life, the looking won't do that for you. All that will get you is off target.

However, once the lie dissolves, you will be in an actual position to engage with life from an accurate position and that will allow you to make adjustments. Once you have an honest reckoning of life, and your place in it, you can participate with it. Rather than being subject to it, you become a co-operative player in the game.

Then life opens up options to you. Where once you saw threat, and risk, you now see ample warnings and opportunity. You see how life is not separate from you. Rather you are a unique and reflective part of it. You become a part of the dance, and are no longer a victim to it.

Once the lie that pretends to separate you from life is gone, you see that you are life itself. From a particular position, at a particular moment, with a particular story. You are life. This looking cannot change what you are, but it can reveal it to you. That is all it has to offer. It does not change you. It lets you see you.

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  1. Forrest
    5 years ago

    A clear and clean message. Well said Travis! The term 'spiritual bypassing' has developed some currency as a way of pointing to what you have written about (ie, being 'spiritual' as the ultimate avoidance of life as it is), but I like your explanation better!

  2. Travis
    5 years ago

    Thanks, Forrest! I've often wrestled with the demon of the 'spiritual bypass' (in myself and others). Funny thing is I didn't even think about that term when writing this. You are right though, that's what this piece is about.

    I'm glad you liked it, and I appreciate your kind words! Cheers!