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Look For Yourself | The Truth Is You

Look For Yourself

Dissolving the lies about what you are, and coming to realization about yourself does not change anything. How could it? You are already what you are, no matter what that is. Many in the spiritual game seem to take this as an indication that because of this there is no need to do anything. Often they advise that you simply stop the seeking and be you. (Of course stopping seeking is doing something, but that's beside the point.) I do not share this view. It took some work to install the lies that cover what you really are. It will take some work to uncover it.

This is one of the many paradoxes of coming to see what you are. You take action to uncover you, but you don't change at all. This is one of the things I like most about the simplicity of the looking. Inherent in the idea of taking a moment to look at something (especially you) is the notion that you are not trying to change anything. You are only looking. This puts aside the idea that you are trying to change anything, or acquire something new. You are just looking.

There is another double-sided trap here. The suggestion to look may come from another person. What another person can never do is to do the looking for you. They can offer refinements and can serve as a bouncing board to see if you are on the right track. They can provide encouragement. That's it though. I am not suggesting that there may not be things like shaktipat, energy transmission, empathy, telepathy, healing chi, or any other of the things that sometimes crop up to show how we are all not separate. What I am suggesting is that they don't matter in terms of the looking. Taking a moment to look directly at you, to expose the lies about you to the truth, is about a particular body-brain system doing so. That's how it works.

You must look for yourself. Someone else looking at the core of you (even if they could) would be something they might benefit from, not you. Without taking the time and effort to take a look at yourself, for yourself, the looking will never be useful for you. When someone else tells you what you are, they are sharing their impression. When you see what you really are, you are seeing truth.

The looking is something you do for yourself. There are no shortcuts. Luckily it is such an easy thing to do.

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