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It's All Chemistry | The Truth Is You

It’s All Chemistry

Let me just say at the get-go that I am very much anti-reductionsim of any sort.  I do not believe that reality is simply a matter of interacting and inter-reacting "things." I do believe that is what happens on the gross physical level, but I also believe that lot of what is going on is affected by subtle energies and thoughts in the subtle realm, as well as fundamental direction and inclinations form the causal realm.  Cap that all off with reality being driven simply because it is, because being is, and you get a much more multidimensional, multifaceted picture of what is going on, great tracks of which can never be directly grasped by reason and the body-brain organism which produces reason.

All of that being said it seems to me that a lot of the game of reality comes down to chemistry.  Get the mixture right, and things happen.  Get it wrong, and they don't.

For me this is very much apparent in my getting of the message of awakening.  I searched for years for the key to awakening.  When the message finally clicked it was not a matter of my search finally revealing it.  It was simply the right mixture of ingredients: time, place, attention, style, verbiage.  These things mixed together properly so that the message could be absorbed by this particular body-brain.  Once that happened I saw the message everywhere.  I do mean everywhere.  So it was not a matter of finally finding the "treasure", but rather that the chemical recipe was finally right for the "treasure" that was always there to become apparent.

I think this is true for a lot of life.

  • We meet someone and it is as if we have known them for years.
  • We enter a room and it's just perfectly comfortable.
  • We randomly look at listing on Craigslist and we find our dream job.
  • We click a button and suddenly our computer is working again.

Seems to me that this sort of thing explains a great many of our intuitions and "Ah-hah!" moments.

What do you think?  What are some examples in your life of where things have just "clicked?"

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  1. Arthur
    7 years ago

    Yes – can't just give an example off hand but when they happen I call them Serendipity – Usually it occurs at an impulse, like taking a side road and finding the most beautiful village, awe inspiring mountain, or placid lake

    • Travis
      7 years ago

      Great examples! Who doesn't enjoy those moments of having your breath taken away?