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Don't Get Stuck On The Details | The Truth Is You

Don’t Get Stuck On The Details


The journey of awakening to what you really are is a very odd thing. In my experience it's a very basic thing, which also gets wrapped up with a bunch of other issues in the spiritual realm. From what I have seen this means it gets obfuscated, and sometimes mistaken for those other things.

The thing about waking up to what you really are is that it's what you really are, already. It's not something else. It's not someone else. You are a unique person, and your path through life will be yours alone, whether you have a clear vision of what you are, or not.

A common danger in this journey is getting locked into comparing your "results" with others who you feel confident have awoken to what they are. One of the reasons this happens is that the act of questioning what you really are can be deeply disorienting. When our identities get undermined, for any reason, we look to "externals" to center ourselves. What model seems more likely than the ones who have gone before?

Unfortunately all you have to go on with these comparisons are characteristics which are "external" to them. All you have to go on in these comparisons is how they show up, not what they really are.

Because of this, looking to the details of the lives and times of others who have seen what they really are is of no use to the process of looking to see what you really are.

I am not saying there is nothing to be gained by looking to the characteristics, and behaviors of others for purposes of modeling our habits. I happen to be a big fan of doing that. It's just that I like to be very clear on what I am doing in moments devoted to coming to see what I really am.

In those moments when you are looking at you, don't sweat the details. They don't matter.

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  1. Richard
    5 years ago

    Good one. Thanks.

    • Travis
      5 years ago

      My pleasure!

  2. denis
    5 years ago

    Thanks Travis, I often make long trips to visit awakened people or so called. It's refreshing to read that I do not have to modelize anybody, just finding what I realy am in order to become my own model. Even if I still go on inviting these wonderful guys to come and visit us in Brittany, France. Thank you for your posts.

    • Travis
      5 years ago

      Glad you liked the piece, Denis. I miss France! Was there a few years back. Paris mostly. Had a grand time. Met great people.

      I think taking far trips to visit people you consider awakened is a great thing to do. Just make sure that you are clear on why you are there. I have met quite a few people who gave up everything to move to an ashram, or become a guru's disciple, only to spend all there energy learning to ape the behavior of the authority figure. I find that a sad waste of life.