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Awakening Interviews: Tim Freke | The Truth Is You

Awakening Interviews: Tim Freke

Once the universe becomes credible, once I seriously suppose  I know a thing or two about myself, then I have sunk back into the stupor of the half-dead.  - Douglas Harding

I am so excited!

Today I get to share with you an interview with Timothy Freke.  Tim has been a big influence on my search into what it means to wake up to what I really am, and a great reminder to always question what I find.  (To paraphrase Tim from his new book, "That question itself, is the answer to what you truly are.")  Tim is a powerful author on the subject of awakening, but the biggest impact I got was attending one of his day long mystery experiences.  I cannot recommend them enough!

I had a blast doing this one, as I am sure you will notice from how much I end up talking in the interview.  😉

You can connect with Tim on his website, themysteryexperience.com.

You can pick up the book here.

I hope you enjoy the interview as much as I did!  Let me know what you think in the comments.  Thanks!

You can download the interview here.

(PS - In the interview we chat about the pre/trans fallacy as taught by Ken Wilber.  I accidentally introduced it here as the "post/trans fallacy."  Ooops!  😉  )

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  1. Andrea
    7 years ago

    Really interesting interview. I already have Tim's book and although I'm only halfway through it, I can safely say it's awesome — WOW!!! — indeed

    • Travis
      7 years ago

      Glad you liked the interview, Andrea! I am reading the book at the moment, as well. Very cool stuff!

      I would love to hear what you think of it once you are finished, so please keep in touch!

      Have you read any of Tim's other books?

  2. Peter
    7 years ago

    Hello Travis,
    Great interview.
    In my experience, Buddhism's "Form is emptiness; Emptiness is form" directly points to and resolves Tim's paradox.

    • Travis
      7 years ago

      Glad you liked the interview, Peter.

      I like your idea there. That is definitely one of the big hits of Buddhist distinctions! It definitely does point to the paradox in a very direct way.

      Personally, it seems more and more to me, that the paradox does not need resolution, so much as an embrace (which, in my experience, is totally both ways!)


  3. Matt Neale
    6 years ago

    Intriguing Stuff, will follow up…

    • Travis
      6 years ago

      I look forward to hearing your thoughts & comments, Matt. Cheers!

  4. buddhabuddismo.it
    4 years ago

    The concept of the interview is very productive. I am thinking of securing a copy of that book too 😉 buddhabuddismo.it