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About | The Truth Is You



This site is dedicated to the message.

What is the message?  Glad you asked!

The Message

(in a nutshell)

  1. You are not what you think you are
  2. Acting as if you are something you are not creates all sorts of trouble
  3. You can come to know what you really are by looking at you

That's it.  That (as far as I have been able to find in a few decades of active searching) is the core insight of all of the great enlightened saints & sages, ever.

This site is all about that.

In my own experience, the words that finally handed me the key to use to awaken to what I really am, once and for all, were not really different from 10,000 words I had heard before.  They just happened to be the ones that clicked.  After I heard them, I went back and reviewed all the materials I had.  The words were there.  They just hadn't clicked.

For whatever reason, the ones said by John Sherman worked.  It's just that simple.  So, by that token I don't think I can possibly say the words right to everyone.  But, I do think they are out there for everyone who is interested, and if I can help connect the person looking with the right person talking, then I will have helped.

That's more than enough.

Drop me a line! travis (at) thetruthisyou.com.

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