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3 Surefire Ways to Not Become Awakened | The Truth Is You

3 Surefire Ways to Not Become Awakened

Awakening is a funny thing.  It's not about acquiring a new belief.  It's about seeing what you are without beliefs.  Ultimately, any belief can be a problem on the way when coming to terms with what you are. The danger is that beliefs can become blockades.

In my experience the 3 belief barriers most likely to stop you, if awakening is what you want, are as follows:

  • Failing to know what you are going for. This one is awesome.  Ever since I got into the game of trying to sort out what I actually am, I noted a distinct lack of firm definition resolving what that question actually looks like.  With a few decades in the dance under my belt, I have come to see why this happens.  The issue is that what you actually are cannot really be said, it can only be spoken about.  That's just one of the characteristics of truth.  That being said, it's a very bad idea to try to get to a stated goal without knowing what that goal is.
  • Setting awakening up on a pedestal. Let's get real about something.  The point of awakening is to open up to what you really are, already.  Already.  That's the important part, already.  It's not about what you could really be if you suddenly got super-powers, or the dream car, or whatever.  Making awakening into some super cool thing gets in the way of what you really are, which is extremely ordinary since you are already that. Making awakening into something extraordinary just gets in the way.
  • Maintain impossible confirming signs. Another fine way to gum things up.  With any journey, it is a good idea to have sign-posts, or way points, you can get along the way that help keep you on track.  Making these seemingly impossible to achieve is a great way to make sure you never stay on task.  Again, what you are looking for is what you already are.  Indications of decreased anxiety, or confusion about what you are, are some of the best confirming signs you can get.

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